We have a professional and highly experienced team of instructors at Yoga Bay.


I was into sports and active lifestyle all my life. Originally from Russia, I travelled around the world and practiced every exciting leisure activities as diverse as football, alpine skiing or rock climbing. I finally found my true calling after moving to Hong Kong and became a passionate yoga teacher since then.

I studied many yoga styles in Hong Kong and gained 200 and 500 certifications. My favourite types are classic Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga and Power Yoga. I especially like the holistic approach of yoga and its balance between strength, stretching and relaxation.

I teach great flows designed specifically for people willing to increase their flexibility and stretch thoroughly stiff muscles. My lessons can sometimes appear challenging but true progress can be achieved by endlessly setting and striving for higher goals all the time.


From my first session with Tibetan singing bowls, even before I heard the first sound, I felt their amazing power and they started to transform my life in many ways.

Their song cleared my mind and brought peacefulness to my soul.

I wanted to keep those feelings and after only a few classes as a participant I’ve got a calling to learn this centuries old art from Tibet of meditation through the pure sound.

I’m happy that my children love to practice with me and I started to do fun classes for kids to introduce them to mindfulness practices and learn to play the bowls.

For adults I provide restorative traditional classes during which people can relax and


I practice yoga since high school and in the beginning it was mainly aimed to improve my dancing skills. But I then found out that yoga was not only helping to have a better physical body but also unification, control and balance for everything.

During my lessons, I will teach my students to be conscious how to practice asana and use them in their daily life.

Aerial yoga is a trendy and artistic way of practicing yoga and I am happy and excited to teach it to kids and adults.


I have been very much into dance and sports since a teenager. In the past 10 years, I have mainly focused on Yoga and Krav Maga. Words could not express how my body and mind have benefited from it and I am looking forward to share my knowledge and practice with you, for a more healthy body, peaceful mind and balanced life!


-Yoga Alliance RYT200 Instructor

-Creative Yogis Kids Yoga Instructor

-YB Yoga Trapeze Instructor

-IPDFA Polefit Instructor

-Krav Maga Instructor

Teaching Experience:

-Epic MMA Club

-HKU ECA Program

-DC ECA Program

-DB Self Defence

-HK Self Defence

-Triquest MMA & Fitness Academy


I started yoga in 2007 and my original approach was simply for health. The more I practiced, the more spiritual and peaceful I found myself on and off the mat. From a journalist to a financial analyst, I found my own peace through yoga which brightens the repetitive work and dreary life. Later I met Andrey Lappa (founder of Universal Yoga) and followed his footprints to Nepal, Taiwan, Thailand, Shanghai and finally Hong Kong, from who I am grateful to receive the life changing training and inspiration. 

I am dedicated to sound therapy, fascinated by the power and benefit of singing bowls. I learnt from different sound healing masters from Western to Eastern and try to combine different knowledge from this traditional healing technique.

In 2016, I took pre and post-natal yoga teacher training. I wish to share the benefit of yoga with more people so they can find peace and joy as well.

My class emphasises on alignment, safety and consciousness. Different variations are provided to students of varied levels.

Qualifications & Certificates:

  • Universal Yoga Teacher Training 400 hour
  • Shiva Nata level 2
  • Pre, Post Natal and Active Birth Yoga Teacher Training
  • Flyoga Foundation Certificate


When I started practicing Yoga I immediately felt not only the physical benefits that yoga brings but also the deep relaxation, calmness and focus of mind. After a few years, I finally decided to share this new passion and completed my 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training under the guidance of Master Yogananth Andiappan.

I have also completed extra 300 hours in Advanced Hatha under guidance of Master Yogananth Andiappan.

I enjoy Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Flow and Pranayama. I combine them all while paying attention to the correct breathing and focusing on both strength and flexibility.