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6 classes per week

Class A: Monday 15:45-16:45

Class B: Tuesday 15:45-16:45

Class C: Tuesday 17:00-18:00

Class D: Thursday 15:45-16:45

Class E: Thursday 17:00-18:00

Class Trapeze: Saturday 12:15-13:15

HKD 3250 / full term of HKD 250 / class


After whole-day sitting in the office; hanging around with kids; running in the trail or struggling with marathon, do you feel the back pain? Oh yes.

“Healthy back with Trapeze Workshop” aims to improve spine health and ease lower back discomfort though Trapeze training, led by Ms Amani Gong.

Workshop: Healthy Back with Trapeze

The workshop are target to improve spine health and ease lower back discomfort through Trapeze training. What students would benefit:

  1. Spinal Traction: relieve back pain by naturally “hanging” upside down from your hips
  2. Core Strength: build functional core strength naturally in dozens of dynamic and fun postures
  3. Builds Grip Strength / Upper Body Strength: take care of your hands, wrist, elbows and shoulders through safe and challenging strength postures
  4. Posterior Chain Strength: your spine is largely supported by the muscles along the backside of your body, and using the Yoga Trapeze you can strengthen and balance these muscles
  5. Flexibility: practice deep, passive backbends, splits, and hip openers in ways otherwise impossible to do on the mat.

4 sessions workshop: 31/Aug, 7, 14, 21/Sep, 11:00-12:00 @ Yoga Bay.

Fee: 1000$ (Limited spots)